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Welcome to the Politics and the Internet website. We aim to promote awareness of Politics and the Internet and provide you with the very latest information and links regarding the matter. In any democratic nation there are a number of political parties to choose from, and it is the responsibility of voters to find who most represents their own interests, and those of the country as a whole.

Once elected, it is equally imperative that voters keep abreast of just what their elected representatives are doing. If they are not fulfilling their promises, the people need to hold them to account.

But just how does one stay involved and up to date with all the latest political events? How does one find out what each party really stands for, and how does one go about engaging with them in order to question their policies and find out the truth behind all the sound bites?

The modern age has given us a whole new arena for political discussion, namely that of the internet, and thanks to the endless proliferation of internet devices, in our homes, our workplaces, nowadays even in our pockets, there is always a connection to the on-going political debates of our times.

One of the biggest concerns of modern politicians used to be how to get people to engage in politics, how to get people interested and involved. Well since the 2008 United States presidential election, won by Barack Obama, politicians the world over know the answer to that question – through engaging with people on the internet, through news and discussion forums, through websites and podcasts, and through social media.  We would be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding Politics and the Internet.

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If Britain were to replace the pound with the euro it would affect your daily life in lots of ways.

Losing control over the economy could put your job, your pension and your savings at risk. If you have a mortgage or a business of your own they could be at risk too. And giving up control over our taxes and public spending could mean public sevices like transport, schools and hospitals could face cuts.